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Rebuilding is a show about living your life fully. It explores the lives of others in their quest to overcome trials and face their fears. It is the culmination of a 20-year journey I have taken to go from a young married man doing whatever it took to feed his family and keep a roof over their heads to driving my life to be what I want it to be.

If you don’t face your fears and learn how to conquer them, they will remain fears for the rest of your life. Let’s work together, overcome the unknown and live the lives we want to live. Let’s rebuild our lives together.

Episode 12

“The big challenge is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming. You cannot believe what it does to the human spirit to maximize your human potential and stretch yourself to the limit.” - Jim Rohn

We all have a flawed mental map. By facing our fears and overcoming those things that stand in our way, we grow and redraw our mental maps

Episode 11

Aleesha Lee McMurdo- formerly known as Jenn Alexander McMurdo

Aleesha Lee McMurdo is a joy filled passionate woman. She is the mother of 4 amazing children, whom she is raising to be happy, responsible people.

Episode 10

You know how people struggling with porn addiction have been told they will be fighting it for the rest of their life? And it just makes them feel hopeless, stuck, not worth even trying anymore?
Well, Bob Gardner struggled with his own porn addiction for 18 years before finally finding a way to permanently end it. Now he helps others finally solve the root cause of their addiction so they can go live an amazing life without ever having to fight it again.

Episode 9

My son experienced suicidal thoughts 3.5 years before his suicide. We thought it was all cleared up and fine. What we didn't realize is he'd just gone into a holding pattern. This is important for parents to be aware of. When a clinically depressed person starts feeling better, it's probably because they have a plan.

Episode 8

Let's discuss the why and how of setting goals

Episode 7

What I called magical thinking can also be thought of as the power of prayer, correctly applied - that is, it's not wishful thinking or begging for reward, but a focused version of the prayer for strength (which, to my mind, is one of the only two prayers worth making, and the only one that is answered - the other worthwhile prayer is the prayer of gratitude). It's about aligning yourself and the universe and asking the divine for the strength to change yourself and your life.

-Chirag Patel

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